Friday, September 17, 2010

Vacationing In Kentucky Pt 2

Well, at long last I have a few minutes to load more photos and put captions on them! These are from Sunday, July 4th when we had a Birthday/4th of July party planned for Nathan.

Jim put this up the night before!

They went all out on this great cake from a local bakery!

We sent the boys off to the store so Matthew, Shelby and I could decorate the house!

Nathan was very surprised when he walked in and saw the decorations and Uncle Dan!

Checking out the cake! I think he approves.

Playing Dinos while watching Dinosaur Train and waiting for everyone to arrive!

A kiss for Grandma Great!

And kind-of a hug from Evan!

Matthew, Aunt Barb and Grandma Great as the presents got started.

Grandma Great gave Nathan a very cool sippy cup with his name on it!

The first (of many future) Star Wars toys from Mom & Dad!

Evan visiting with Uncle Jim and Grandpa Palmer.

A Dinosaur book from Grandma Great!

and a dino dig from Grandma Great!

Evan got a new Thomas train from us and he asked Uncle Jim to open it for him!

Yeah Uncle Jim! Now we can play!!

Shelby, Grandma Palmer and Uncle Dan watching.

Money from Grandma and Grandpa Palmer! We took Nathan to Toys R Us after we got home and he found great Spiderman and Green Goblin action figures to buy!

A very cool Teradayctle (yeah, I can't say those dino names let alone spell them right!) night light that Nathan LOVES and uses every night! It gives his room a fun red glow.

Being a silly boy!

More cool dinosaurs from his cousins!

And more cool dinos...I think they know what this boy likes!

And lastly from Aunt Arlinda, Uncle Dan, Matthew, Shelby and Andrew - the most awesome bug catching kit ever! This awesome basket had a net, bug catching tools, a bug carnival to keep the bugs in and a cool bucket!

Everyone moves outside for lunch! Burgers, hot dogs and brats on the grill!

Aunt Barb attempts to break up a water fight with the ice bucket - Okay, now who started it?

No one's saying and no one is stopping! Watch out for the water!!

Wait a minute, Grandma Great is having much too much fun at this! I think she may have started it, or at least she's keeping it going! Better keep an eye on her!!

Meanwhile, the bug catchers are hard at work. "Too Cool!" says Mom.

Alright, everyone spread out and meet back here with your bugs!

Evan's got that one! Look at him go...

Aunt Arlinda checking out the catch!

And Nathan explaining everything they caught!

Two proud hunters!

Taking a break for Birthday cake!

Happy Birthday dear Nathan!

Now that's one happy 5 yr old!

And then Uncle Dan attacks!

Okay, back to some serious bug catching!

Check out the praying mantis!

And a fire fly! I haven't seen those in years! I love them so.

We decided to let the mantis go free but he enjoyed hanging around us!

Kentucky has some great bugs!

Evan says good night after a busy day! It's about 9 pm and you can see out the windows how light it still is! We couldn't believe how long it stays bright there!!

We let Nathan stay up late to catch fireflies for the first time!
It was challenging but we caught a few.

Two tired boys take a break on the lawn to watch some fireworks over head!

It was another great day at Grandpa & Grandma Palmer's house!!