Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar Who?

Well, tonight is a first. I had absolutely no idea that the Academy Awards were even on tonight!

It was a typical crazy, frustrating Sunday. Evan had gone to bed exhausted by 6:30 - who knows how or if he will sleep tonight. Nathan was in bed by 9:30 and I had all the bags, lunches and everything ready to go for Monday by 10 pm. Whew, time to pump...when Evan wakes up.

We had not expected him to fall asleep before dinner so he wasn't in his pj's, number 4 diaper or anything. So we were expecting him to wake some time - sure enough he had peed out. Once he and Daddy where settled into the big rocking chair upstairs, I changed his sheets and went downstairs to pump.

I thought about just reading a book but decided I really should watch the news, get a little informed of the world outside and at least see what the weather would be like. I was just about to turn the tv off after the weather and they said, We'll discuss the oscars right after this. WHAT?!?!?!?!

I flipped over to channel 8 and there it was, about to announce best actress. I have watched the Academy Awards every year since high school. Cheering and complaining about the winners each year. And just enjoying all the crazy moments that come from the excitement of winning. Yes, I even remember when they used to say "And the winner is..." instead of "and the oscar goes to." In fact, I remember the year they changed it and about half the presenters got it wrong. There was the year I almost stayed in my dorm room during a fire drill because it was during the oscars! I only left because they rarely did fire drills and it was a really old building. From the time James and I started dating we made a point to see every Best Picture nominee so we could at least be informed about who should win that category and we sure saw some stinkers! The first year when Nathan was born I was frustrated because we didn't make it out to see all the best pictures, I didn't even want to watch. Last year I was mad because I hadn't even heard of half the best picture nominees. This year I didn't even know it was on...


Oh well. Life changes and changes us. I have two happy boys and a tired husband sleeping while I pump. Daphne is waiting next to me to get back in bed and Niles will come around meowing soon. Maybe one day our boys will drag us to all the latest movies and help keep us informed on who the new and upcoming stars are while we make them sit through the classics on TV.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Favorite Valentines

Valentine's Day - no matter what you think about it, it's a day when you consider those you love. And I have a lot to love!

My two sweet boys keep me so busy I almost can't think - with a swirl of self induced projects revolving around them, games to be played, meals, shopping and pumping (6 weeks to go!) it's no wonder I don't get any sleep. But today of all days, I am reminded that I have much to love! ... and that I am much loved! I am truly blessed by a family who loves me lots (that includes my parents, sister and James!).

And I can't forget Niles and Daphne who meow at me constantly, sleep almost on top of me at night and sit next to me as I pump at the computer at 4 am. I'm pretty sure that their attempts to trip me as I am walking to the kitchen must mean something!

Since I haven't been here in a while, there is a little to update. Evan is still anemic! When we went to the doctor, they retested his levels and found that after 21 days of iron supplements, Evan's numbers actually went down. I am hopeful that it is just a hereditary thing (I often test anemic as does my Mom and great Aunt and my great Grandma on Mom's side did too) and nothing more serious. But we are on another 21 days of supplement at a higher dose. We will see what that does.

In the mean time, Evan has taken his first steps, and second, and thirds. He isn't walking yet, but often pulls up, turns and takes two steps before plopping back down on his bottom. We think he said his first words - Grandma said he turned to her and clearly said "No No!" last week. He is also developing his own little sense of humor.

He loves to crawl over to a pillow and flop down on it. Then he will look up at us and smile before he quickly crawls away, only to come back several more times to do it again - too cute!

Nathan is doing well and getting big. He is struggling to find time to potty since he is just too interested in playing. But he is enjoying trips to the library and is getting good at computer games at Grandma's house. He's still our little comedian with his funny faces and cute sayings. He now likes to repeat the funny things that James will say, just to get a laugh.

Yes, today I am again reminded that I am very blessed and have a lot to love!

Hope your day was filled with just as much love and chocolate...maybe more!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Dragging my feet

Hey all just an update because I haven't posted in a while.

I am still in the normal crazy routine and feeling like I am swimming upstream - and I don't swim!

When we went for Evan's 9 month checkup, he was tested and came up a little anemic. The doctor put us on a tsp of iron supplement a day for 21 days with instructions to come back for testing after that. Well, we went back on Wednesday for another blood test to find that his levels went down slightly! From 10.2 to 9.9 :-(

The doctor was puzzled and wants us to do 21 more days of supplement at 1 1/2 tsps and test again. Evan took the supplement well in juice but I was hoping that would do the trick. It is very possible that this is a hereditary thing. I don't often get tested but when I do, I usually come up anemic. My mom has been anemic too and now just takes daily iron pills to keep her levels up. Talking to my Mom, turns out my great grandma was and so is a great aunt... I am praying that Evan will be okay and it won't cause any developmental delays.

He is eating a little better but I found out that anemia causes babies to not want to eat which causes the anemia to get worse which causes them to want to eat less...

Nathan has had us up 2 times tonight with nightmares. My poor little boy! The first time he called me up and insisted that he wanted to go downstairs and play and was done with sleeping. I finally thought to ask him if he had a nightmare and he said yes. He finally agreed to go back to sleep if Daddy would stay with him and he was out in a few minutes. As I was going downstairs he said "Mama, I will dream about The Magic Schoolbus!" (It's a tv show he has been enjoying lately) What a sweet boy!

A few hours later he called Daddy back because of another nightmare. He asked Daddy to stay with him "to scare away the nightmare". I am hoping and praying that he will sleep well and have those sweet dreams I wish for him each night!

What a night!