Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Nathan!

Well, yet another successful birthday party! It is so hard to believe that Nathan turned 6 and that he wanted a Star Wars party!! What fun for us all. We've been debating what age to show him the film and this weekend we found that 6 is just perfect. He had a lot of fun watching the film and didn't ask too many questions. Evan on the other hand is a little too young at 3 yrs. He would run into the room for select scenes but then back to his computer to play Pixar Cars online! He said what he saw was fine but he was a little scared when Ben Kenobi disappeared while fighting Darth Vader.

Nathan woke on Saturday morning to a table full of Star Wars toys and decorations! It doesn't get much better than that.

He loved having his very own Millenium Falcon - which of course makes noises and lights up!

Evan picked out his favorite characters from the table - Darth Vader, R2D2 and C3PO
(or CPEO as he says it)

Before family arrived, I let the boys put the candles on the cake - 6 star candles.

The finished cake! Per Nathan's request we have the Death Star chasing the Millenium Falcon past Saturn with an X-Wing Fighter. Took me all day and a big batch of royal icing but the end result looked pretty good and tasted better!

We sang Happy Birthday to one happy little boy!

And he enjoyed blowing out all the candles!

He was also proud of his biggest birthday gift - his very own aquarium! After an expensive trip to Pet Smart, he started arranging all the items he chose for his tank. We buy fish next week!

Over all we had a very fun family party. Had to get a few shots here before I am woefully behind again. If I get some free time, I will try to post more photos from the party.