Thursday, April 21, 2011

Falling Behind...

So I came to the blog this morning to email someone the link and ... well, I’m embarased! January - you mean I haven’t posted since January? Surely I’ve posted since then - it’s the end of April! Oh, wait, that must have been one of my many productive dreams that just doesn’t get beyond my brain.

So, let me take a break from trying to catch up on photo editing to do a quick catch up here! Easter is this Sunday (that’s another 1,000+ photos) and Nathan’s birthday parties will be on me before I know it. If I don’t get caught up quickly, I’ll have to pretend this blog doesn’t exist and start wearing a disguise when I surf the web! We wouldn’t want that!!

Here are a collection of photos from our trip to Colorado LAST July!! Yes, I am almost a full year behind on my photos - no pressure. James, Nathan, Evan, Mom, Dad and I met Melissa and her family in Colorado Springs before heading off to spend almost a week in Winter Park. This was the 70th Birthday Trip for my Mom and it turned out really fun with an awesome cabin to relax and enjoy! Here are just a few photos of our activities and the scenery!

Preparing to leave for Colorado!

Enjoying the beauty of my sister's home and the beauty of being with my sister!

Dad - trying to catch up on his nap time!

It's so great to have cousins!

Cousins Molly and Andy playing with Nathan and Evan.

Cousin Maddie coloring with Evan

James' sister Christina comes for the evening with her kids Tyler and Haley.

Say hi to cousin Tyler!

Evan - ready to join the band!

Nathan gives a big hug to Aunt Christina and cousin Haley.

S'mores for everyone!

On the road! After a couple of days at Melissa's house we are off to Winter Park and a beautiful Cabin! I snapped these shots of the beautiful mountians - just can't resist.

The view from the back porch of our cabin!

Sleeping area for the kids! So clever and each has a real mattress to sleep on!

Our room to share with Evan in a pack-n-play.

Inside the cabin.


Back porch of the cabin.

After a good nights sleep, it's always good to start your morning with a puzzle!

or Donuts!

or a friendly game of Scrabble letters!

Our Cabin
(yes, this photo should have been earlier but it's nearly impossible to move them around once they are in this program, so much for planning!)

Nathan, Molly & Maddie enjoy a game!

Cute Evan!

Me and Evan, exploring outside the cabin

Our activity for the first day is to ride a train into the mountains and tour a silver mine!

Off the train and on our way to the mines!
(Dad is hoping for samples)

Everyone get your hard hat on!

Evan had so much fun he gave our guide a High-5! (and a cash tip)

Back down the mountain on a crowded train.

Tickets please.

Sadly, the wind blew Maddie's hair just as I took this photo - but still a good shot.

Hopefully I will post more photos from the trip here soon!