Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas To All!

Well, 3 days to Christmas and there is still so much to be done! I know at this point a few details will get missed, we will do our best to get what we can done and the boys will have a good time and never know the difference! Still, I am grateful to be off for Christmas break. One of the great benefits of working at a college is the week off at Christmas. I will need it to get anything done! I'm feeling so behind in all areas of life and it's starting to show. Anyone notice that you haven't gotten our Christmas card & letter yet? Yeah, working on it right now. I'm babysitting the printer at home so the letter will print without taking the whole day and we are waiting for the package from Winkflash to arrive! I've never been so late on it. If all goes well, the package will arrive on Monday, we can stuff them all on Monday night and I can rush them off to the post office Tuesday morning. When's Christmas?!?

Oh well. The card and letter will arrive, be read and enjoyed, commented on and maybe create some smiles. The only thing we will really miss out on is a few days of display with the other cards that arrived. We will try to do better next year!

We worked a visit to Santa in last weekend that went better than expected. Nathan had a great time, he's much more savvy this year and was ready to ask Santa for what he wanted. He also brought along his "Christmas" lizard to show Santa.

When we went to Julie's party we finally got to meet her friend Summer who also has little boys. She saw Nathan's lizard (a favorite toy to bring on errands) and told James about a book called The Christmas Lizard. It's very good and lots of fun for little boys!

I was concerned about Evan and how he would do with Santa. I hate the photos of crying children on Santa's lap. James thinks it's funny, but I think it's sad. Santa should be fun and if it's not then it shouldn't be forced on children. Think about it, we teach our children to avoid strangers but then once a year we run them up to a strange man and plop them on his knee to take photos. To a young child that probably doesn't make a lot of sense.

We got there early, were third in line and Evan was fast asleep. Nathan and James ran off to the play area while I stayed in line to think through the logistics, ponder the day, avoid a sun beam that kept shining in my eyes and chat with an older Mom who was discussing why her son would not get a blackberry for Christmas! It was my hope to get a photo of Santa with Nathan (probably not a problem), one with Evan (questionable since he is starting to get seperation anxiety) and one with both the boys (highly unlikely if Evan wasn't on board with the whole event). The prices were outrageous for one 5x7 but I was paying for the opportunity to take as many photos as my little camera would snap while the sales lady bugs me to look at what she took - usually not as good as mine. Before we knew it, Santa arrived and we were next in line. I started my paparazzi act while James juggled the kids. Nathan first - looking good, smiling great and showing off the lizard. Then plop Evan on Santa's lap for a group shot. He did amazingly well. He was very curious, looked Santa over very intently and gave him a big smile and then even smiled for the camera. Then Nathan hoped down and we got some more really great smiles from Evan with Santa. (note the Christmas Lizard shoes!)

In the morning, I am off with the boys to Grandma's house and we are all going to the mall for a train exhibit. We took Nathan last year and he really loved it (in fact, he went twice) so we didn't want to miss it this year. I think Evan will be pretty fascinated by it too.

Then we just need to bake a few Christmas goodies, wrap all the packages, stuff the stockings and we'll be all ready for Christmas! I hope everyone else has as much fun as I think we all will. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday and I had no idea how much more fun it would be with two little boys. Nathan's excitement increases each year and I look forward to the days when the boys run down to our room to wake us for stockings!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night (hope you are sleeping more than I am!)

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