Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Family Vacations are the Best!

Well, as I continue to be behind, I will try to get my blog caught up a little. It’s been about a month since Evan’s first vacation! We went on a really great vacation to visit my sister in Colorado Springs. It was so fun to see her and spend time with her family! We also brought my parents with us which was a lot of fun - and we so appreciate their help with the boys!

Nathan did great on the flight - he enjoyed a Maze book I got for him and sipped Ginger Ale while eating snacks.

Evan fell asleep early on in the flight and slept most of the trip which was a real blessing! And if I’ve never mentioned it, I LOVE my sling! I slipped Evan into it when we got ready to leave the plane and it was so great to just run through the airport hands free - well, pushing Nathan in the stroller anyway. We also got a neat surprise that my brother-in-law Scott was flying home on our same plane. Although he was several rows ahead of us, it was nice to see him at the airport and all get off the plane together.

Nothing is better than spending some time with my sister! She’s a great mom - juggling 3 kids with all their activities, a cat and dog, traveling husband, beautiful home and part-time kindergarten teaching. We enjoyed just relaxing at their house and watching the boys play with their cousins!

Maddie (the oldest) is into the movie Twilight - finally, being a huge movie fan I can relate to her and had fun talking with her. She was great with the boys and so sweet and helpful!

We got to see Molly baptized while we were there, which was so exciting! We also got to see a couple of her Soccer games and she is really great!

Andy was a little less quiet this time didn't seem quite as shy. But he's a master at DS and enjoyed a few sword fights while we were there.

I must admit, being around a dog was a new experience for me. I haven't lived with a dog since I was little, and although Tootsie was very well behaved, I don't think I'll want a dog of my own anytime soon! Evan seemed fascinated with the dog, but really hated to be licked, so he alternated between chasing after the dog and running from her! Evan was also drawn to the wood floors and we had to keep him in shoes to keep him from slipping and plopping on his bottom!

Nathan of course delighted in all things toys and enjoyed raiding Andy's room - we really appreciated Andy's kindness to share all of his toys!

While we were there we got a short visit with James's half sister Christina and cousins Tyler and Haley. It was great to see them but such a surprise how much they had grown and changed since we saw them last!

It was a great visit and so hard to return home to our daily routine!! Thanks for the hospitality Melissa!

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