Thursday, November 18, 2010

Still Amazed By What Children Will Say

With a 2 and 5 year old, there are plenty of moments in my day where I get a good laugh or am amazed by what they will say. And what they will want when it comes to toys.

We luckily found a station showing Magic School Bus once a week and I am now taping the episodes. I was surprised to find that the station does a commercial break. I guess I have been spoiled lately by the young kid shows and channels that don't advertise. Caught off guard, we watched the commercials with the show. One in particular caught all of our attention.

Pillow Pets.

Have you seen these? I noticed last weekend that they are EVEYWHERE. It must be the hot new Christmas item (or so they hope). I watched the commercial and thought to myself CHEEEEESE!!!! Oh my goodness, these things look really silly and the series of children popping off the velcro attachment that converts your lovely Pillow Pet into an actual pillow was almost more than I could take. The boys had a totally different reaction.

The rest of the evening was filled with echoing choruses of "Pillow Pets!" "I want a pillow pet!"I was not yet convinced.

A week later and they were still asking about Pillow Pets!! Nathan - "can I get one for Christmas, I really want the Ladybug and the Dolphin." Amazed that they were so interested in these silly things, I asked Evan if he would want a pillow pet - you should have seen his little eyes light up and face break into the biggest smile. "I want the penguin."

Sigh. Now I had to find a way to get them into the Christmas gift program which is pretty much finished. I was beginning to think that Santa just might have to take on this dream come true. I searched the internet, found their website, realized there are knock-offs and a variety of prices.

Then, this past Saturday we needed to go to Best Buy. We had been told that ours would take broken TV's and recycle it if we would give them $10 in return for a $10 gift card... Yeah, weird deal but we get a TV out of the garage so I figured we could find a $10 dvd some time in the near future. So, with Evan on my hip, and Nathan helping Daddy carry in the TV, we marched up to the service desk, that is until we passed by a huge display of... you got it, Pillow Pets! We dragged the boys away, finished our TV deal and then went to check out the pet that is also a pillow. They went wild. Evan was all over the purple unicorn and after grabbing the ladybug and dolphin, Nathan decided it was all about the ladybug.

Well, if there was any doubt in my mind, it was now clear that Pillow Pets are in our future.

Nathan quickly made the definite decision that although he wanted both, if he only got one it would be the Ladybug. I showed Evan the penguin he had originally said he wanted and there was no changing his mind. He wanted the Unicorn and he wanted it now. I thought we were in for a big 2 year old fit when I said they are too expensive here, maybe you can get one for Christmas or maybe Santa will bring you one.
I looked at Evan, the lip quivered, those little arms clutched the purple unicorn, eyes started to water ... and then he said "Okay, but I want the purple Unicorn!"

Sigh of relief, and after avoiding that part of the store as we checked the dvd racks we made a quick escape. (Only to spot another huge display in the Kroger store while shopping on Sunday!) Sunday night I did some searches, found Amazon had the best deal for official Pillow Pets and ordered the items my boys will not be able to live without.

Now, here comes the good part. Tuesday night we are driving home, as usual, listening to music and talking. Suddenly from the back seat I hear little Evan say "Is it almost Christmas?" I smile, "well yes, we have to have Thanksgiving next week and then soon after that will be Christmas." A moment of silence and then Evan says with confidence "Good because Christmas is when I get my Pillow Pet!"

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