Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Well, life without pumping is nice, relaxing, and well, what the world takes for granted every day!

Here are the things I DON'T miss (in no specific order because they all would be first):

The Pump - both the rental and my portable one

Carrying the pumps with me where ever I went, including to work

Pumping every 3 hours for 45 minutes!

Sitting up straight until my back screamed

Getting milk on me from the pumps either leaking or when cleaning them

Cleaning and drying pump parts

Telling people I had to pump

Driving, eating, talking on the phone etc while pumping

Thinking about it, drinking enough and eating enough every moment of the day

Making everyone and everything wait while I pumped

All the details that I won't go in to because, well, that just crosses into Over Sharing! Let's just say...It Sucked!

It does feel good to go to the freezer and see a shelf full of frozen milk, defrosting a bag and mixing it with whole milk to give to Evan. Finally the feeling of plenty. Although it is kind of nice to be reminded every 3 hours of everyday that God provides. And usually it was exactly what I needed at that moment or exactly what Evan had just consumed. But, I guess because I am human and always wanting more and God is generous and always giving much more than we could ever expect, there were also those times when I got more than an 8 oz bottle would hold. Then I got the thrill of freezing a bag for another day. Each bag bringing me closer to the day I could stop. And now, by the grace and provision of God, who alone could get me through this I have more than I ever needed. There is plenty of milk to slowly transition Evan to cow's milk so that he might not even notice the change!

God is good, all the time! Especially in the details.

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Bree said...

Congratulations! You met your goal! What an incredible testimony to God's faithfulness and provision for you and your family. Lots of dedication and hard work, but such satisfaction in a goal accomplished. :) Looks like the birthday celebration was lots of fun! Blessings to you & your family.