Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Party time with Evan

Here are the photos of Evan's presents. I am not on the computer as much as I need to be at home now, so I am months behind in my photos. But because I need to keep up with something! Here are a few to show how much fun we had on Saturday.

While Evan napped, Nathan got a few small gifts:

Grandma Vandever gave him three fun Pezz holders and lots of refills!

Grandma & Grandpa Beebe gave Nathan a set of dinosaurs!

and a cool convertible car!

We gave him a Mac Truck from the movie Cars that Lightening will fit inside.

When Evan woke from his nap, we started the presents but he wasn't too interested. Mostly he was just thrilled to get a hold of a piece of paper and he kept running away with it! When it was all done, he got:

A birthday candle from Grandma & Grandpa Beebe. A family tradition of mine, you light the candle each year on your birthday until you turn 21!

Grandma & Grandpa Beebe also gave him a Little Einsteins bath toy that he loves:

Grandma & Grandpa Vandever gave him some new books:

And a Baby Einsteins electronic book reader:

And a hobby horse that plays music and the head moves:

And Texas Rangers pjs!

James's sister Kim couldn't come but sent a great gift! It's an airplane that Evan can pull behind him but also has balls that you can put inside and it plays music and talks.

My sister Melissa also couldn't make it but she sent a great baseball game! You hit the ball with the bat and it swings around, cheers and says fun stuff like "You got a single" or "Home run!"

And James, Nathan and I got him:

A soft, stuffed Rocket from Little Einsteins. The top unzips and all 4 characters can fit inside.

A really cool space rocket that came with 2 astronauts, an astropup, moon rover and an alien.

And finally, a ride-on train like Nathan's. We wanted to get him a different ride-on but found that this one really is the best made and most fun. When Evan is a little older, he and Nathan can race each other though the house, it should be loads of fun and lots of noise!

It was a great first birthday for Evan and now both boys are enjoying lots of fun new toys! Thanks to everyone!!

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