Monday, October 12, 2009

Surprised by how much fun we had!

The Fire Department had their annual open house this weekend and we decided to take the boys. We’ve missed it the last two years because we didn’t know about it in advance so this was our first time to go. Wow, what an event! I had no idea it would be so big and so cool!

Evan was a handful because he wanted to run around but won’t hold my hand. So that doesn’t work well in a crowd! He did have a good time and loved the rescue dogs. Next year will be a lot more fun for him.

Nathan had a blast! He got to see a helicopter land, look all around vehicles and a boat, shoot water from a fire hose and try on a real fireman’s helmet. He had so much fun and loved the goodie bags with coloring books, pencils and other goodies.

Careflight flew over and landed in the parking lot for us to see!

I was thoroughly impressed with the firemen, volunteers, clowns and band all very friendly and so nice. It was a great day! And the boys enjoyed it even more when we got home...

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