Monday, November 2, 2009

A great night for trick-or-treating!

Well, this Halloween proved to be another fun night for all. We took advantage of it falling on Saturday by James cooking out ribs and steaks - yummy! Mom & Dad joined us for dinner and had fun helping us chase down the kids. Nathan's already a pro at trick-or-treating but Evan needed a lot of guidance ...

Nathan dressed as a lemur!

Evan was James from the Thomas the tank engine show. He has always preferred James so we thought it would fit is independent personality to go with the lesser known train!

Evan cared a lot more about rocks and leaves in neighbors yards than about the candy! He left behind candy at almost every house and took off with more than a few rocks!

They had lots of fun and although most of the neighbors weren't home, they loved the houses they stopped at and ended up with more candy than any of us will eat!

A few people were giving out Halloween toys which was a nice change and Nathan loved the purple vampire teeth!

Of course, the best part of any Halloween is eating as much chocolate as possible before bedtime!

The highlight of his evening was coming upon another family who's son was dressed as Thomas! Both boys had a great time discovering each other! It was just too cute.

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