Monday, March 29, 2010

Turning 2 At Last!

Well, we continued the Thomas theme for Evan's birthday which was actually on Sunday but we celebrated with the grandparents on Saturday.

It was a party like we are known to throw with decorations and toys on the dining table for first thing in the morning and an over the top cake! This year's Thomas theme for Evan was pretty easy since there is a ton of Thomas stuff to be had. I think both boys had a great time and as always, I had a lot of fun creating just the right cake and a fun day!

Here's the decorated dining room, all ready for the boys on Saturday morning. We had balloons, Thomas photos hanging, a Thomas table cloth and new train/construction crew toys on the table for the morning

I also found really cute wall decals to decorate the room with. Evan loves stickers but wants to peel and stick them over and over so I thought these would be perfect for him to play with even after the party.

They were both pretty anxious to get downstairs in the morning and see all the surprises!

Evan loved the big Thomas balloon!

And he now has lots of new friends to play with!

Nathan was pretty excited too and they started playing right away!

Dad even found a small Thomas ball that Evan loved to drop over and over!

And Nathan was very excited to find out that the Madge train he had wanted was on the table for him!

Then it was hugs for Mama and a chorus of "she's mine!" until I carried them off to the front room to play.

Dressed for the day in Thomas shirts, they just couldn't wait for the Grandparents to get there so the presents could begin!

Evan got homemade cards from his Colorado cousins, Maddie, Molly and Andy and some great Handy Manny toys!

Then a wooden Spencer train from Grandma and Grandpa Beebe...

... and a cool wooden name puzzle that he loves to work!

Evan loved that Nathan got a Wonder Pets toy! (Brothers get a few small presents too!)

After each present was opened, Evan ran to each person in the room and showed them what he got! It was very cute.

Grandma & Grandpa Vandever gave him a box set of Thomas books (which he is showing here to Grandpa Beebe) ...

... and a very cool art easel that both boys will love to use!

Of course, with such a great gift comes some assembly required! So Grandma and Grandpa Vandever had fun putting it together.

And Evan was ready to use it right away.

Grandma Great sent a cute card and money - which is always good!

And Grandma and Grandpa Palmer sent a card and Walmart gift card which will make for some exciting shopping in the near future!

With presents unwrapped and tummies grumbling, James cooked out burgers and we enjoyed lunch. Soon after it was time for the great cake unveiling!

Everyone got their own train cake and Evan chose the James engine (the red one) and Nathan was very happy to get to have the Thomas (blue one). Everything was edible, even the Chocolate rocks which were very tasty!

Evan must have remembered candles from his first birthday, because he started blowing almost before we could get them lit!

And he had a great time using a fork and spoon on the cakes but I don't think he ate a bite!

He did talk Dad into helping him touch Harold the Helicopter while everyone finished their cake!

Happy Birthday my sweet little boy! I'm so glad you enjoyed your day!

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