Thursday, June 3, 2010

How long ago was Easter?

Yes, I know, I am way, way behind on, well, everything!

If I was independently wealthy, had a live-in maid, night nanny (yes these exist!), playmate/sitter for the boys (that I trusted) for the weekends, chef, gardener, pool boy (wait, we don't have pool!), pet sitter...then maybe, just maybe I could keep up with the 1,000's of photos I take of the boys almost daily. That would entail reviewing, cropping, color correcting, loading to Winkflash (yeah, right), ordering copies from Winkflash (independent wealth would come in handy) oh, and creating the annual photo books for the boys. Then, I would have everything in order to be able to blog too! Well, one could dream, if she got to sleep through the night! But enough about me, you're all here to see the boys. So, here are some fun shots from Easter!

Lots of goodies in our baskets!

Nathan found the 1st egg!

But Evan does a good job keeping up!

Working together!

Look what I found!

Nathan does the "Happy Dance"!

"Waaa, my basket is too heavy to carry!!"

Now for the best part...opening the eggs!

Breaking with tradition, we decided to color our hard boiled eggs AFTER the hunt! Really, what kid wants to waste good basket space on real eggs when there are goodie filled ones to be found! (And what adult wants to peel and eat a real egg that has been dropped throughout the yard a dozen times!)

My two boys are so different! Nathan carefully uses the provided wire egg holder to get his eggs in and out of the dye. Evan, tries the spoon and decides that hands work best!

Nathan's finished eggs

and Evan's eggs!

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