Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar Who?

Well, tonight is a first. I had absolutely no idea that the Academy Awards were even on tonight!

It was a typical crazy, frustrating Sunday. Evan had gone to bed exhausted by 6:30 - who knows how or if he will sleep tonight. Nathan was in bed by 9:30 and I had all the bags, lunches and everything ready to go for Monday by 10 pm. Whew, time to pump...when Evan wakes up.

We had not expected him to fall asleep before dinner so he wasn't in his pj's, number 4 diaper or anything. So we were expecting him to wake some time - sure enough he had peed out. Once he and Daddy where settled into the big rocking chair upstairs, I changed his sheets and went downstairs to pump.

I thought about just reading a book but decided I really should watch the news, get a little informed of the world outside and at least see what the weather would be like. I was just about to turn the tv off after the weather and they said, We'll discuss the oscars right after this. WHAT?!?!?!?!

I flipped over to channel 8 and there it was, about to announce best actress. I have watched the Academy Awards every year since high school. Cheering and complaining about the winners each year. And just enjoying all the crazy moments that come from the excitement of winning. Yes, I even remember when they used to say "And the winner is..." instead of "and the oscar goes to." In fact, I remember the year they changed it and about half the presenters got it wrong. There was the year I almost stayed in my dorm room during a fire drill because it was during the oscars! I only left because they rarely did fire drills and it was a really old building. From the time James and I started dating we made a point to see every Best Picture nominee so we could at least be informed about who should win that category and we sure saw some stinkers! The first year when Nathan was born I was frustrated because we didn't make it out to see all the best pictures, I didn't even want to watch. Last year I was mad because I hadn't even heard of half the best picture nominees. This year I didn't even know it was on...


Oh well. Life changes and changes us. I have two happy boys and a tired husband sleeping while I pump. Daphne is waiting next to me to get back in bed and Niles will come around meowing soon. Maybe one day our boys will drag us to all the latest movies and help keep us informed on who the new and upcoming stars are while we make them sit through the classics on TV.

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