Friday, February 6, 2009

Dragging my feet

Hey all just an update because I haven't posted in a while.

I am still in the normal crazy routine and feeling like I am swimming upstream - and I don't swim!

When we went for Evan's 9 month checkup, he was tested and came up a little anemic. The doctor put us on a tsp of iron supplement a day for 21 days with instructions to come back for testing after that. Well, we went back on Wednesday for another blood test to find that his levels went down slightly! From 10.2 to 9.9 :-(

The doctor was puzzled and wants us to do 21 more days of supplement at 1 1/2 tsps and test again. Evan took the supplement well in juice but I was hoping that would do the trick. It is very possible that this is a hereditary thing. I don't often get tested but when I do, I usually come up anemic. My mom has been anemic too and now just takes daily iron pills to keep her levels up. Talking to my Mom, turns out my great grandma was and so is a great aunt... I am praying that Evan will be okay and it won't cause any developmental delays.

He is eating a little better but I found out that anemia causes babies to not want to eat which causes the anemia to get worse which causes them to want to eat less...

Nathan has had us up 2 times tonight with nightmares. My poor little boy! The first time he called me up and insisted that he wanted to go downstairs and play and was done with sleeping. I finally thought to ask him if he had a nightmare and he said yes. He finally agreed to go back to sleep if Daddy would stay with him and he was out in a few minutes. As I was going downstairs he said "Mama, I will dream about The Magic Schoolbus!" (It's a tv show he has been enjoying lately) What a sweet boy!

A few hours later he called Daddy back because of another nightmare. He asked Daddy to stay with him "to scare away the nightmare". I am hoping and praying that he will sleep well and have those sweet dreams I wish for him each night!

What a night!

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