Thursday, July 2, 2009

Family Fun is Priceless!

My niece Maddie is in town from Colorado to spend 2 weeks at Grandma’s house. We are so thrilled to have her here and the boys are loving having someone new to play with! Especially Nathan. Mom’s trying to be sure that Maddie has a good time and isn’t too bored so they decided to go to the World Aquarium yesterday.

Since it is literally just down the road from my office, I planned to meet them there and take a long (and early) lunch that day. I was so glad I did! Not only did I have a great time with family and enjoying the museum, but I was able to help them enjoy it and not miss anything.

James and I went to the World Aquarium not too long after it opened when we were still in college. It was so much smaller then and only had a few tanks of exotic fish from around the world. We don’t get to go often, but it is so fun now to see how much it has grown and expanded over the years. It is an amazing place and really beautiful. It’s pretty expensive to get in but when I see everything they are doing, expansions since the beginning and that they continue to renovate and expand the place, I feel much better about supporting them!

It is truly amazing when you walk in because you start at the top (3rd floor) and walk your way down, winding around and through a rainforest, from the top of a waterfall to under the ocean! They have an amazing range of animals and fish. We saw strange birds, monkeys, otters, sloths, turtles, rays, fish of every kind and color, crocodiles, sharks, manatees snakes, frogs, penguins and even flamingos! You even get to walk through two glass tunnels where sharks and fish swim over and around you! An unusual experience and unique perspective!

Everyone had a great time. Evan had the best seat in the house, on my hip in the sling and he really enjoyed seeing so many wonderful things.

It was a great break from work too!

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texasrosegirl said...

Great pictures! We miss you guys- let us know how we can pray for you. Love, Marilyn