Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What a Great Grandma!

Nathan got a special surprise in the mail today! A birthday present from his great grandmother on James’s Dad’s side.

We had gone to see Caroline in Florida with Jim and Donna (James’s Dad and Stepmom) in 2007 when Nathan was about a year and a half old.

She decided she wanted to be called Grandma Great - and I love that! She is such a fun lady and so young at heart and healthy. She swims and has always eaten healthy. James says all the Schaklee products have well preserved her! :-) But she’s just really fun, has a great Milwakee accent and lots of spunk! I wish she and Jim lived closer because they are just fun people to be around.

We were surprised on Saturday to receive a call from Grandma Great to wish Nathan Happy Birthday during his party! That she remembered and called impressed me a lot but she also told Nathan that a package was in the mail for him! Wow.

Well we got home yesterday to find a large box and as soon as Nathan saw it, he was all about opening it.

At a very early age he realized that boxes in the mail bring fun things so they should be opened immediately!

The first thing we found was a really great card with a recorded message from Grandma Great to Nathan and then it played the “Itsy Bitsy Spider”! Very cool. Nathan loved the card and laughed when he heard Grandma Great’s voice. Then he got really excited when the song started and he said “that’s my favorite song” (I’m sure because it is about a spider).

Then he dug into the box to find Dinosaur Eggs that he can open and find dino bones. Each egg comes with a tool to break it apart and a little brush to clear away the dust - just like a real paleontologist!

It was all we could do to get him to wait until after dinner to dig into one of the eggs!

He was so excited and she sent all 6! So he will get to have one of each of the dinos and best of all, one was his very favorite dinosaur - the Parasaurolophus. That’s the one he decided to do first!

What a cool gift! And Nathan was really into it too.

He was a very serious digger and although James held the egg to keep it steady, Nathan really did most of the work.

I didn’t expect the egg to be so hard, but it was pretty solid. I was so proud of Nathan because he worked hard and got all the bones out.

Daddy had to assemble them and we will need to glue them together so we don’t lose any small parts but it was a really fun experience and Nathan loved it!

Unfortunately we only had time to do one last night, but he will have lots of fun working at finding more bones.

Way to go Grandma Great!

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Anonymous said...

Parasauralophus is one of mine and Olivia's favorites too! Hope you all are doing well- we sure do miss you!