Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So what do you do on a Sunday afternoon?

James makes a tug boat for Nathan!

Everyone loves a good cardboard box, and Nathan was playing with a couple of them when James got inspired - or maybe he was just bored.

Two years ago James’s Dad gave Nathan a really cool Christmas present - the old classic Golden Book Scuffy The Tugboat which came with a fun plastic tugboat that can go in the bath. It’s really neat and Nathan loves to play with the boat - in and out of the water.

So all it took was a simple suggestion from James and soon he was cutting taping and creating a tugboat.

But not just any tugboat. As he got started, Nathan decided it needed a tall smoke stack.

And a window for his frog flashlight to sit and look out.

And a sun roof.

And a working steering wheel.

Oh, and while your at it, can we air condition it?

Yes, that’s right Nathan decided to splurge on the upgrade to include a hole on the side that would hold a small personal fan. The fan was actually the perfect touch to the tugboat experience as it added a motor sound!

No small feat, this little project took up the better part of the afternoon, a good amount of ducktape and all the ingenuity that James could muster! And when it was all complete - Nathan and Evan loved it.

They also loved riding in it which meant James got to push them around the kitchen/dining area!

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