Monday, November 9, 2009

It's just one more thing...

Well, we found out on Friday that Daphne has diabetes! Can you believe that! I now have to give my crazy cat shots twice a day. It’s a lot of information to process and I also have to track her water intake and peeing to see what progress we are making. Then in about 10 day she will have to spend a day at the vet’s so we can chart her blood levels. Boy she’s gonna love that!

I’m counting on the possibility that she will eventually come out of this and level off to a place where I might not have to give her shots. But in the mean time, I’ve given her 4 shots so far and she’s taking it pretty well. If that’s not enough, her white blood count was high,so the vet is guessing a bladder infection so I also have to give her a pretty large, for a cat, pill once a day.

On the positive side, she seems to be feeling better and although I didn’t so much notice that she felt bad, she just seems happier and not so meowy as she had been. I am hoping all this will help her. Hard to know exactly what to do. Especially when I spent so far $400 between the vet on Friday and insulin!

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