Friday, November 20, 2009

No more shots? Really?

Well, Daphne spent a stressful day at the vet's this week to have her glucose levels checked throughout the day so we could see what was happening to her. I've had her on the new food (no more treats!) and she's had a week of shots twice a day and her antibiotic each night.

I was so thrilled when I picked her up to hear that we will not be giving her any insuline shots for a while and we might be able to regulate this through only the food! That would be so awesome for her and me!!

The vet said when we first came in to be diagnosed her glucose level was at 450 and normal for a cat is 100! Throughout the day on Tuesday she never even reached 100 so he never gave her the insulin shot and said that we would not be giving any shots. Instead, we will continue the food and watch her water intake/urine to see if it stays low. He said we really caught this early because she had not lost any weight at all and he thinks maybe she has turned around!

We will go back in 3 weeks for one blood test to check and be sure she's still doing good.

Way to go Daphne!!

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