Monday, November 17, 2008


If you haven't heard me say it lately, I think I'm drowning again. It's my most common state of existence these days. Overachiever me is constantly creating new projects (this blog, a million photos that need correcting and loading to winkflash, new ebay sales) and time seems to be flying by (next week is Thanksgiving - when did that happen, I've been looking through photos for 5 minutes and 20 minutes have already past). My head is spinning - The house is a wreck, the kids need my attention, the cats are meowing and leaving hairballs everywhere, I need to steam/puree/freeze more food, is it time to pump again already!

Another weekend has come and gone. Here's a brief update because I need to finish this during my lunch hour or it won't get done:

Evan is eating better - he actually ate plums, apples and acorn squash over Saturday and Sunday without too much of a fight. Mom found that if you tap his nose he opens his mouth which is a big help. I also got a few times when Evan looked at me and opened his mouth like he was really eating. No sour faces and he's spitting out less of the food now. Maybe we are on our way!

Nathan and Evan had a fun weekend playing together. Nathan wants nothing more than to play with his little brother and he shares his toys with Evan so well! I just hope it lasts. Its fun to watch them running around the house.

Nathan is also becoming such a good helper. He even gave Evan a bath one night at Grandma's house. They both had fun and he did a really good job!

We made it to church again which I think might make 3 weeks in a row. Evan had fun in the cry room and really enjoyed watching Pete on the TV. Nathan loves his new class and really enjoys the big room that they get to run and play in. We are making it a habit of letting Nathan run around the room after we pick him up from class.

So, we had a lot of fun but didn't get much done this weekend. But it's all good - as long as I come up for air once in a while! :-)

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