Monday, November 10, 2008

Making Memories

We had a lot of fun this weekend - we packed in as much as possible and then I sent off two very tired boys to Grandma's house this morning. I am hoping they will nap well!

Another part of me would say it was also a pretty poopy weekend - that would be the "poke back" part!

We started Saturday with grocery shopping. I had Evan in a new sling because we washed and dried my favorite one a few weeks ago - they shrink in the dryer. Well, my new one is either a little smaller or I didn't get Evan in very good because he was pretty snug, but he also wasn't squirming so I went with it. The grocery store was pretty warm and I thought we were just building up some sweat, until I felt under the sling and realized no, that kind of wet isn't from sweat. I had not realized that Evan pooped and it went all directions in his diaper - thanks Evan!

Evan did get the best nap Saturday afternoon so I sent Nathan and James off with the wagon to the creek and across the street to see the new horse. I got peas and sweet potatoes steamed and did a little cleaning!

Sunday we actually got to Church and even arrived early! Yeah us! Nathan had a lot of fun in his class and was so happy to see us. When we asked him what they did in class he said "We talked about God again."

After church we went straight home to make lunch. While I was making manwhich and James was helping, Evan and Nathan actually played together! I was having so much fun watching them and was busy cooking that I didn't think to grab the video camera and only got a couple of photos. Evan was in his walker and Nathan was running around the kitchen and dining area - running laps! He would pass through the kitchen where Evan was and Evan would take off after him as fast as his little feet could go. The house was full of squeals, rattly walker wheels and the sound of the walker bouncing off the walls and furniture.

Of course, Nathan was so fast he would take off as Evan followed and then be around passing Evan again in a few seconds. Evan was doing his best to keep up or at least keep moving and they were both having such a great time! It was a vision of things to come and children to dodge when working in the kitchen. Finally Nathan got tired or wanted to change the game and climbed onto one of the cat perches where Evan couldn't reach him. That's when I thought to grab the camera. Nathan then turned into a swimming cat while on the perch! You can see in the photo that Evan's feet are just going!

After lunch it was off to the library. We haven't ever taken Nathan to the library but he's gone a few times with Grandma for story time. Grandpa bought Nathan some little dinosaur toys on Friday and of course I couldn't remember any of them so we decided to check out a book on dinosaurs. While we were there we also got a few books to have for the bedtime. It was a little frustrating because I couldn't find books like we have at home and most of them were longer than Nathan really has the attention span for.

We weren't in the library long when James pointed out that I had stains all over the front of my shirt. I had trouble feeding Evan at lunch time and must have gotten his barley and yams all over me when I picked him up. Of course I didn't notice before we left and there was nothing I could do about it then.

Evan slept in the stroller until another mom came in talking way too loud to her kids and had to stand right next to me and the stroller. Evan was awake before I could get away from her so I pulled out the sling to try to keep Evan quiet. I didn't really think through the whole take a baby to the library idea...Once in the sling, James and Nathan took off to find dinosaur books and Evan and I went in search of something we could check out. I finally found two Miss Spider books we didn't own and a Rollie Pollie Ollie book.

That's about the time I started feeling moist again...great. Just a little more to add to my colorful shirt. Thanks again Evan!

After the library we went to Dairy Queen for ice cream. Once there I was really mad I didn't bring the camera because Nathan was hilarious with his ice cream! We asked for a bowl and spoon in case Nathan had trouble with the cone. He was so excited to have ice cream and took the cone right away when we got to a table. And tried to bite the bottom end off! We had to stop him because of the paper wrapper and then showed him to start at the top. He enjoyed it but I could tell he was a little disappointed, so I took the paper wrapper off and told him to eat it anyway he wanted to. Nathan took it back and bit right into the side of the cone where you hold it! Not what I would have done, but okay. After a few minutes of watching him try to work around the ice cream and get to the cone, I asked if he wanted to put the ice cream in the bowl and he did. Then he enjoyed eating on the cone and using the spoon to eat the ice cream in the bowl. That's when it got funny!

They gave us a really long handled spoon and if you've had Dairy Queen soft serve, you know it's pretty thick - not dense like custard but firm. Nathan would stick the spoon into the ice cream and try to lift it out which would bend the handle over the side of the bowl. We thought sure he was going to shoot glops of ice cream everywhere like an ancient medieval rock launcher! When the spoon finally let loose from the ice cream, a few droplets when up in the air and landed on the table. By then James and I were giggling hysterically while Nathan was seriously trying to eat his ice cream! We tried to help him with the spoon, he managed to eat the whole cone and only lost one small glop that few into the air but we never found where it landed - I thought sure it was in my hair.

So, although my clothes suffered a little this weekend, the boys had a blast and we couldn't ask for much more than that!

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