Sunday, November 2, 2008

Not Quite Ready to Party

Well, it was an eventful weekend and the boys are worn out! We started with Halloween on Friday, a party for Julie on Saturday and ended with grocery shopping and naps on Sunday.

My inspiration Julie was in town this weekend and we got to see her at a party at a friend's place. She looked beautiful and it was so nice to see her smile and hear her laugh! I've been missing her so much! It was also a fun party because I knew most of the people who came - all also friends from work who I really love. It was nice to see them with the boys and James and get a chance to talk outside of work. I wish I could have spent more time talking with Julie, but I knew there wouldn't be time for that. There were so many people who wanted to spend time with her and we had never been out with the boys at someone else's place.

We got there right at 5:30 and I had hopes for a good visit. Evan had two really good naps but Nathan had not napped at all. He seemed fine, not too tired or too hyper. Well, Nathan started bouncing off the walls as soon as we arrived so James had to try to keep track of him. Then other friends of Julie's started to arrive with their kids and Nathan just got more wound up! He was really happy to see Julie, she had come to the house a couple of times so Nathan knew her, but he surprised me how much he wanted to play with the other kids. A few of them were also 3 yrs old which was nice. I worried just a little about how he was behaving but kind of tried to take cues from the other Moms as to whether he was doing okay. James did a great job taking care of him and keeping track of him.

I was on Evan duty. He started out well in the sling but too soon became just overstimulated with all the people and activity. That poor little head was just whipping around everywhere trying to see everything and then he started the headbutting on my shoulder. He was tired and ready to go and we just arrived! We did our best and he was soon struggling to get out of the sling. So I abandoned it and tried to keep him quiet and as calm as possible. I was soon sad to realize that he is just still too young for that kind of excitement but I knew everyone would want to see him. I spent the evening torn between wanting to be a part of the party and needing to get the boys home.

It was fun to see Ruth, Debbie and her kids Ryan and Lauren. It was also fun to "show off" the boys. I tried to take some photos for Julie and for the family scrap book. This was our first party out as a family! It wasn't until we left that I realized just how brave we had been to go on this adventure so calmly. It was hard to enjoy the party, the people or pay attention to anything with the boys there. I was constantly focused on Evan who was struggling in my arms and alternating between talking and crying. And then one eye was trying to keep up with Nathan and James. I was concerned that James might get frustrated with Nathan and not have any fun at the party. Every glance told me he was just trying to keep up.

But I got to talk with everyone just a little, eat even less, drink nothing and we finally left at 7:30 so I could pump in the car on the way home. My pumping was so messed up all day and now Daylight Savings Time was threatening to complicate things even more.

We got in the car, all ready to go and Nathan burst into tears. He had shown Julie his lizard (which was a big hit at the party) and his biplane but we completely forgot to show her the scorpions he had brought in the toy bag. It was too late to go back but James had a great idea that we could send Julie a photo of him with his scorpions - which we still need to do! Soon we were on our way. Nathan was calmed down, Evan had passed out and I was pumping while James quickly got us home. Evan woke up all too soon so I sent James and Nathan out to look for bugs while I tried to calm Evan back to sleep in the big reclining rocker upstairs. After Evan passed out, James got Nathan to eat come food and gave him a bath. He had eaten two small slices of pizza and 4 cookies at the party. Not enough food for him and way too much sugar! We finally collapsed at 11 pm (oh wait, make that 10 pm - thanks DST) at the dinner table to eat something ourselves and I pumped. There was a college game being replayed so I spent the hour ignoring TV and reading a magazine.

Evan woke up twice before I went to bed, once in the middle of the night and again around 5:30 am. Church was definitely out and we did our best to get Evan some naps and let Nathan have some fun on Sunday. I think we did okay. I got some food steamed for Evan and he's doing better at eating solids. Still doesn't like them but not protesting nearly as much.

It's 1:55 am and I need to get back to bed. I am praying that the boys sleep through the night. Especially Evan. My pumping is still a struggle and not going well so I really could use a few nights were he doesn't wake up wanting more milk.

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