Sunday, October 5, 2008

"2 For $" Not a Deal!!

So maybe I've just missed it and they've been ripping me off all this time, but I just noticed something at my favorite neighborhood grocery store! Don't be fooled by that "2 for $" sale price!

I hate to grocery shop. I don't know why, but it makes me crabby. As soon as we walk in the door all I want to do is get my stuff and get out as fast as possible. Watching James and Nathan has helped me appreciate the fun of the grocery store a little, but just a little. Those two could spend an hour in the vegetables if you let them. I tend to buzz around the fruits and veggies with Evan hanging out in my sling. Filling bags and running them back to the cart to smile and nod at the weirdest veggie James has found to show Nathan or smell the peppers. Only to return to the fruit bins for more. Grumbling about the prices or what's not in stock, rotten stawberries hidden in the center of the box, is that the price of grapes?!?, oh, and don't forget the bananas. It's fun to watch Nathan exploring foods with Daddy from across the store, seeing him fascinated by something or hearing his questions and Daddy's funny answers. But I still don't like the grocery store.

If I have to shop, I like Kroger best. I always have. Their brand products often taste better and are cheaper than name brand - try the Kroger Vanilla wafers, yogurt or Private Select Ice Cream - yummy! I'll go out of my way for a good Kroger store. I hate them for the car carts though. Nathan has decided he's ready to ride in them and it's all I can do to hold my tongue and let him get in one. James is great to lather it up with the free disinfectant whipes they offer at the door, but still...I want to get Nathan a tetnus shot after every trip. Is stripping him down and hosing him off in the parking lot too extreme? Knowing the germs and "stuff" that's been on that thing makes me want to gag. But Nathan's enthusiasm and excitement reminds me he's just a kid, we used to ride in carts without coverups and survived. So it just adds to the whole shopping experience to watch Nathan gleefully riding in the car and praying the whole time that he won't catch the plague.

Anyway, we approach the strawberry rack and I glance longingly at the prices... Ohh, ohh they have "2 for $6" on strawberries! I rush over to take a look. Then I notice the large containers and think 'huh, what's the difference between 2 small boxes and 1 large box'. Evan and I lean back a little to check the price. 2 for $6 or 1 for $5.49ish...2 for $6 or 1 for $5.49ish. What?!? One small box is 1lb and one big box is 2 lbs. My jaw drops. They are making 50 cents more for selling two and people are walking away thinking they got a deal! How many times have I done that? How many people already figured that trick out? How long have they been doing that? Is it just the strawberries? Well, I'll show them - and I picked a big box.

Through the rest of the trip I wondered how often have I lost money on that "deal"? Then I saw it again. Kraft American slices (a must have for grilled cheese sandwiches) 2 small packages for $5! ... Bigger package for $4.50ish. Grrrrrr!

Next time you see the "2 for $" sale look again. You might just be paying 50 cents more!

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