Monday, October 27, 2008

Another busy weekend!

It was a crazy weekend but lots of fun. Sure makes Mondays hard though - I’m exhausted! We started Saturday with voting and donuts and then off to the pumpkin patch! Nathan was so excited and all he wanted to do was go to the bounce house.

I enjoyed the ride taking some photos from the backseat between my two boys. It was a really great day with lots of nice weather.

Nathan had a blast and is becoming a really good jumper thanks to Dance & Play and Gym Class at the rec center. He was hoping all over the place and telling Daddy and any other parent nearby how much fun he was having. We got him out of the bounce house long enough for a hayride, quick run through the pumpkins and to play briefly in a little playhouse.

Evan didn’t have as much fun as Nathan, but he enjoyed being out. I could tell he wanted to go in the bounce house too - he kept squirming and trying to get out of the sling. He really wants to do everything Nathan does! But, just hanging out and watching was enough to wear him out. Surprisingly, these tired boys did not nap well all weekend!

On Sunday we went to church for the first time in forever. Nathan is finally over his last colds and I guess I was ready to consider the fact that if we go back to church he will get sick again. I hate that but it’s just the way it’s been since we started letting Nathan go to Sunday School. He enjoys it and we want him to be there, but I spend every day after that watching to see if he’s going to get sick this week.

We will have to make an effort to get there early next week. Nathan is in a new class and they meet in a big room to dance and run and play before story time, craft and snack. We were running a little late and got there just as they were finishing up the play time and were ready to start the story. I’m still amazed at the great system they have for the kids programs and how much they do for the kids each Sunday. They also have a very nice nursing room now that we enjoyed hanging out in so I could pump. James had to leave when another mom came but it gave him a chance to walk around and talk to some volunteers.

After church was a quick grocery shopping trip. I went without a list and have thought of several things we forgot to get - oh well at least this trip was under $100! That’s a first for us. I was able to get peaches steamed and pureed for Evan and bought plums to work into our schedule somewhere. That takes care of the 7 month foods except green beans and peas. Those are such a pain to puree that I am not looking forward to them. I’m still surprised by how much Evan doesn’t enjoy food. I thought for sure he would snatch that first bowl of rice cereal, down it, lick the bowl and insist on more!

Instead I have to trick, sneak in and just plain push the spoon past his closed mouth to get bites in. Only to endure the sour looks, coughing, gagging, and letting the last bite dribble out on his chin. Ugh what a mess. But by the end of the bowl, he’s pretty much ignoring me and the protests have slowed down. We’ll just keep trying because the pumping stops after he turns a year old!

We got to end our fun weekend with dinner out at Red Hot & Blue thanks to a coupon from the pumpkin patch! It sure was yummy!

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