Thursday, October 2, 2008

Look at me Mommy!

Some days I am really amazed by my boys. All Nathan wanted to do was find and catch lizards yesterday! When we got home from Grandma's there weren't any to be found and I had to make dinner so we put off the lizard search for a while. Finally when Daddy came home, Nathan got to play out back and search for bugs.

Evan had quite a day today with teething and although Nathan kept asking me to "put him down" so we could look for bugs, I just couldn't.

So with Nathan and Daddy outside finding bugs, Evan in the walker and cats screaming at me to not forget them either, I worked on dinner. Suddenly there was a knock on the back door and when I looked out the window, there stood Nathan with a grasshopper! I just had to grab the camera for a few snaps. So gentle and brave, my little boy held really still for photos and then chased after and recaught the poor grasshopper over and over to get more pictures. It was a sad moment when dinner was ready and we all had to return to the table.

Thank you grasshopper for making my little boy's night!

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