Thursday, October 16, 2008

Was that 6 hours?

Well, it was a better night last night! We stayed for dinner at Mom's house again...James had a rough day trying to get all the returns back and in the mail. So it was another late night. But the drive home was much better and our sleep adventure went well. Plus yesterday ended James's busy season so we will be back to our normal routine soon!

When I got to Mom's house Nathan was cuddling and watching TV, he had had a good nap, and Evan was sitting on the floor playing. His favorite game right now is to sit up. He will roll from sitting to laying on his tummy and then back up to sitting. He still isn't actually crawling yet, but there is a lot of pushing up to his knees and I expect him to take off any day. After I finished pumping, I gave Evan a bottle with the hopes that he would take a little nap and let us eat dinner. He loved the bottle but wanted no part of a nap so we let him play on the floor while we ate some of Mom's really good homemade soup! Perfect end to our rainy day. Nathan loved the soup and oyster crackers with cheese!

We had a nice evening eating and playing and when I had to pump again at 7 (every three hours!) everyone was content. After that Evan was hungry, fussy and tired so I gave him a quiet bottle while Nathan played computer games upstairs with Grandma. That was all it took to put Evan to sleep. I let him sleep on the floor while we loaded the car. Once everything was in, Nathan was buckled up and Evan was slipped still sleeping into his carseat, I held my breath all the way home. He slept the whole way!

When we got home Evan woke up so I could change him and give him another bottle. I was back downstairs in time for most of Nathan's bath and bedtime routine. Evan woke again for a little more milk about 10:15 pm. So I finally slipped into bed about 11:30 exhausted but hopeful that we would all sleep through the night. To my surprise, I woke up at 5:30! I haven't slept through the night in a really long time and it sure felt good! Can't make a habit of it but it was nice. I had just enough time to pump and get ready for work before I heard Evan waking up. It was nice to give him a bottle before rushing off to work, even though he didn't go back to sleep.

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