Friday, October 17, 2008

Feeling Nostalgic

It's a quiet day at the office and I'm feeling nostalgic. I'm working on a Handbook so I can let my mind wander while I format text. It's my favorite weather - a little grey and cool. If we could get a little rain it would be a perfect day. Yeah, I'm weird that way. Lunch time seems a perfect break to get some of these thoughts out of my head.

Last night we watched ER after the boys went to bed. Hard to believe we have been watching that show for 15 years! I remember stumbling on to it one night when James and I were dating. A lot has changed since then - on the show and in our lives. This is the last season and I can't imagine not watching ER. It's the only show we have really kept up with all these years and the only thing I have tried to always tape and watch since the boys were born (except for Survivor). One of my favorite characters left last night.

To add to my day, I checked email and saw the weekly message from our pastor. On his email he mentioned a concert coming up and I skimmed the names only to find Charlie Peacock! Ah, more nostalgia.

I LOVE Charlie Peacock one of my big time favorite Christian musicians and just a super cool guy. We used to see him in concert any time he came to town. Boy I miss those days. I love good music and Christian concerts are so fun!

I snitched a photo from his myspace page:

Sure do wish we could go and take Nathan. Wonder how old is appropriate for a concert? Well, I know 3 isn't quite there yet. His attention span isn't long enough. Since Charlie's performing with other artists, who knows when he would get to come on and I would hate to have to leave early and miss him! (not to mention the show starts at 7, my pump time! I can't wait until I'm not pumping anymore.)

Ah well, nice to know he's still out there performing and recording music. One of my favorite memories of a concert we went to was the last time we saw Charlie Peacock. It was quite a few years ago when our friends Tim & Marilyn were still in town. We went to a church "coffee house" for a very informal, laid back concert. The crowd was really small and we picked a round table next to the piano. About 10 minutes before the show started Charlie came in, got settled and then walked over to our table. He introduced himself! and shook our hands. "Hi I'm Charlie". It was really funny. I'm sitting there thinking - I know, we're here for you! It was just so 'Charlie Peacock" to see him walking around the room introducing himself as if we didn't know who he was! It was a great show of music, stories and spending time with God. Who could ask for more this side of Heaven!

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