Friday, October 3, 2008

I do not like them Sam I Am

Evan is now 6 months old and with that comes solid foods! Nathan loved all his solids when we introduced them...except for steamed papaya. Have you ever steamed a papaya? Well don't! That thing stunk up the whole house. My instinct was to just throw it away, but I thought who knows, it might be good. Well Nathan would have told you it was not!

I'm using this great book my sister gave to me with Nathan - Mommy Made & Daddy Too! by Martha & David Kimmel. We love it!! It tells you everything you need to know about introducing solids and when to do each food. They have a pretty extensive list - that's why I steamed a papaya - and lots of great recipes for older foods too.

My sister swears by the book and says it made good diverse eaters of her 3 kids. Nathan's the best eater I know. There's very little he won't eat and he loves peas and broccoli! What 3 year old asks for broccoli for dinner? So it was a no brainer that I would do the same with Evan.

Their advice is to start with store bought rice cereal for 3 days - did that. Evan seemed to think it was okay. For his first solids, he did pretty well, wore a little and actually ate a lot. Tonight was apples.

I was having trouble finding Golden Delicious apples so Mom helped out and got me a nice big bag. On Sunday I steamed them all, pureed them, put them in ice cube trays and froze it all. Today I defrosted the first cube - a perfect portion size for baby.

Dinner is now another new challenge that I am finding is harder with 2 boys. After 3 nights of trying 3 different tactics, I decided what seems to work best is Evan taking a bottle while we all eat dinner. Then after we are done and the TV is off (yes, we eat dinner with the TV on) I can feed Evan without distractions while Nathan plays. Evan isn't frantic for the bottle and distracted by TV and I get a few more bits into him!

We were all set and ready to go. First bite of apples went in and Evan gave me the worst face ever! You would have thought it was bitter to see his face. I took a bite of the apples and they were really pretty good - sweet and smooth! He did not like them at all. Not sure if it was the texture, the taste or what. I got about 4 or 5 spoons in him, but with a lot of protesting and coughing. He was so funny! Every time I would get some apples on his lips or tongue, Evan would look at me like "Hey stop that!" and cough like he was choking. I knew he wasn't choking because there was nothing in his mouth, but boy did he ham it up!

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